Why you need guidance to build a career overseas!

By eeshan

Why you need guidance to build a career overseas!

Regardless of the size of the dream, background of the family and the brilliance of your score – formalities in a process remain untouchable – meaning, you have to follow certain steps, one by one to be able to put the pieces of your dream together.

Be it a mentor or an organisation or a consultancy – it plays a pivotal role to choose one, that ensures all the necessary steps are checked off, in the process of application. Especially, when it comes to building a career outside of one’s own home country, it’ll involve extra and special checkpoints, that are absolutely non-negotiable.

What happens with an established consultancy that has been doing the kind of career counselling for years together is – it makes your worry zero down to only one thing, i.e. to concentrate on your required test scores.

In other words, this is what an establish consultancy does for you:

  • Set a career direction: The most pivotal question of all: “Where am I headed?”, needs to be answered with clarity and precision. A career consultancy knows the pros and cons that come with each sort of direction, as they have done the entire research of the same. Also, as the consultancy isn’t personally involved with the many self-doubts or worries of the process, it gives a great impetus of fast forwarding the process to a clearer perspective.
  • Marketing oneself: The biggest selling point of each applicant is how do they paint a picture of themselves. To write a story, that makes the reader (in this case the University in question) want to read and look forward to meeting the person, is the greatest task of all. When that road block seems to have been cleared by a mentor for you, why worry at all?
  • Lay down the options: Whether it be the required test to take, or the required documents to have – honestly, one doesn’t have an inborn idea about it. Even with research, a sizeable amount of help is required in the process of solidifying the entire application process into a fruitful one. From a list of the feasible universities, to a list of doable countries, a dedicated organisation that makes the listing of these easy and accessible gives the student in question a great kick start to the application process.

The least talked about, but the best part of joining hands with a guided force (like, Manipal Overseas Careers) is the weightage given to the name built for themselves. The route the student takes to reach their choice of University also gets considered, majorly. So, if one is applying through a trusted resource (such as us), the chances of making it to the trim multiplies manifold as well.