About Us

Introducing Ourselves

Welcome to Manipal Overseas Careers

Before you believe in us, know us.
In 2006, Pluto left the Solar System making way for MOC into the Universe - in other words, that is when we came into being! Two really passionate Australian migrants - who are originally Indians - took forward the mission of making study, careers, and settlements for students all over the world easy and smooth, especially in the realm of Overseas.
We kickstarted our initiative by placing a whopping 195 job seekers from India, belonging to the Horticulture Industry - and got them all settled in the beautiful country of Australia, that too on a permanent visa.
With unemployment and lack of proper education plaguing most of the world, MOC is currently helping over 500 students and 800 job seekers find a place to settle in foreign countries.
When traveling is fun, why not do it with a tinge of responsibility?
And that is exactly what we are here, to help you with!


Why Us

Because, when you mix learning with fun, it’s like getting a tase of success with sustainability! The best kind of combination, right? Now combine, learning, fun, success and sustainability - sounds dangerously tempting right?
We offer you all that and believe you deserve nothing but the best! The below are what all we offer, at a glance:


(Only in Punjab. Contact us for more info)


(Only in Punjab. Contact us for more info)

University Shortlisting

(According to your academic records, we will point you in the right direction)

Visa Counselling

(Even if the University is ready to take you in, Visa is the real hidden boss! We won’t let you miss that bit.)

The Squad-Dominies

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