Accommodation Assistance In Australia

If you would like to live in Australia and study at one of their many top-class universities, there is a wide range of high-quality and safe accommodation options to choose from.

Accommodation Assistance In Australia

Whether you have a large family or a small budget, you can find a comfortable home in any city or region.

Most institutions have a dedicated student services area that can help you find your new home, and explain the lease and tenancy conditions as well. They will make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

They can also help you find temporary accommodation before you leave your home country so you have somewhere to stay when you arrive. Then you can spend some time looking for the best accommodation for you in the longer term.

You might find accommodation on student noticeboards (especially rooms in student share houses) and newspapers also advertise rooms, apartments and houses for rent.

Here are just some of your accommodation options in Australia.

Purpose-built student accommodation

Many cities with large universities have residences built specifically for students. They might be studio apartments or shared rooms with up to 16 beds with shared bathrooms, kitchens and communal areas.

Here are links to some of these:

Purpose-built student accommodation is usually located close to the university, public transport, shops and other facilities, so you can easily get what you need and move around the city.

Utilities like electricity and internet are usually included in the cost, so you’ll know how much your living expenses will be each month.


Cost: AUD $150–270 per week

Homestay accommodation is a popular way for students to experience real Australian life by staying in a family’s home.

Single or shared rooms may be offered and the cost varies accordingly. Some meals are usually included in the cost. Self-catering homestay is sometimes available cheaply.

Farmstay is the same as homestay, but it’s in a rural setting and usually for short stays.

To ensure the safety of international students, universities usually have a register of families who take in international students. They check that these families are reputable and offer a reasonable standard of accommodation.

For more information, contact Australian Homestay Network (AHN), which manages homestay placements in Australia.

Hostels and guest houses

Cost: AUD $90–165 per week

Hostels are usually run by organisations such as Youth Hostels Australia and the YMCA.

They provide inexpensive accommodation for students and travellers, like backpackers.

Depending on your budget, you can get private rooms with ensuites, shared facilities and co-living spaces. Usually you will share kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Shared or rental accommodation

Cost: Shared accommodation: AUD $80–270 per week; property rental: AUD$120–420

Living in a house or apartment with other students is a fun way to make new friends and experience life in Australia.

You might just move into an established home and rent a room, or rent your own property. The two options will have different costs.

When students need a new person to share their home, they often advertise on university noticeboards, on social media and websites, and in newspapers.

Some shared accommodation is already furnished while others will be empty and you’ll need to provide furniture.

Landlords usually need rent paid in advance (perhaps 2 weeks) and a security bond (usually equal to 1 month’s rent).

Boarding schools

Cost: AUD $10,000–20,000 per year

Many private secondary schools provide accommodation, meals and laundry services for international students.

Want to know more about student accommodation?

We can help international students find accommodation when they arrive in Australia – or help them set it up before they leave their country. We are happy to answer any questions you have about accommodation options in Australia. Contact us for a chat today!

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