Steps to studying in Australia

Before you can apply for a student visa, you must be accepted into a registered course at a suitable education institution. On this page, you will find the steps for applying to study at an Australian university.

Steps to studying in Australia

 If you would like more assistance, we can answer your questions and help you with the process of applying to your preferred universities. Contact us for more details.

Applying to study in Australia

Step 1: Choose the right course for you

You need to make sure your course will help you as you build your career. So ask experts for help when applying for an Australian student visa. Get advice about courses, degree programs, universities, and locations.

Education consultants can give you ideas about where to study, depending on your goals and interests. Make sure the course has a specific CRICOS code. If it runs for 12–52 weeks or longer, you can apply an Australian student visa.

Step 2: Choose your preferred institution

As well as choosing your course, you need to decide where to study. You will probably have a lot of options, depending on where you want to live and what course you want to study. You may be able to get a scholarship, depending on the institution and course.

Don’t just limit your choices to the big cities. Australia has many top-class universities in the regional areas as well. Read more about studying in regional areas.

Step 3: Arrange all your documents

Make sure you have all the paperwork you might need before you apply to your preferred institutions. You might need:

  • Course and citizenship documents
  • Birth certificate and passport
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Academic records, including school leaving certificate
  • English language proficiency test results
  • Confirmation of enrolment letter
  • Statement of purpose (SOP)
  • Genuine temporary entrant details
  • Work experience letter (if applicable)
  • Resume/CV
  • Letter of recommendation.

Get help to translate these documents if they are not in English.

Read more about English test requirements.

Step 4: Submit your application to the institution

Once you have all your documents, submit them with your application to your chosen universities. Get help with this part if you’re unsure – we can help you submit your application and make sure you provide everything you’re supposed to.

An institution might contact you for more information if they need it.

Step 5: Pay tuition fees and insurance

Once you have an offer, you need to pay your tuition fees and any other expenses. You will also need insurance, like OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover), to get a student visa. Choose the best affordable plan for you with a reputable provider.

Step 6: Get your enrolment confirmation

Hopefully you will get a confirmation of enrolment (CoE) from your favourite university. They usually send this electronically.

It could take three weeks or even longer to get this confirmation. It will be shorter if you have sent them all the required information.

Once you receive your confirmation, you’re officially enrolled. Then it’s time to apply for a student visa. Ideally, you should apply for your visa 12 weeks before you start at university.

Find out how to apply for a student visa.

How Manipal Overseas Careers can help you?

We can assist you with all the steps in this application process, including checking that you meet all the requirements to enter Australia and study at a local university.

We can also help you with your English test and apply to your preferred universities.

Contact us to find out how we can help you apply to study at an Australian university.

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