University Education in Australia

Australia is a country that highly values and promotes education and knowledge especially for Indian Students. So it’s not surprising that there are 41 universities across Australia’s states and territories. Of these, three are private universities: Bond, Torrens and Notre Dame.

University Education in Australia

Valuing education and knowledge

As well as these Australian-based institutions, two international education providers have campuses in Australia: Carnegie Mellon and University College London. These are known as non-Australian universities.

Many Australian universities also have branch campuses, twinning arrangements and exchange programs for students and teachers in many countries across the world. There are around 7000 agreements with overseas universities and similar institutions.

You may have already heard of some Australian universities because they have an international reputation for excellence. They recruit the best teaching staff – including from overseas – and welcome students from many countries. They also send their students and staff on study and work exchanges to other countries.

So when you study in Australia, you are with an education provider that values your education and will actively help you succeed in your chosen field.

Role of Australian universities

The role of Australian universities is to store knowledge, transfer knowledge to others and create knowledge.

They also consult to business and industry, and advise government on topical issues. And they tend to be closely involved with their local community.

Every Australian university is different and can define its own mission and purpose, teaching and research methodology and education programs. Therefore, you will find that each university is known for expertise in different areas and for different courses.

When you’re deciding which university to choose, research all the goals and priorities of your chosen institutions to make sure they align with your own values and goals.

Internationalisation in Australian universities

Internationalisation is becoming extremely important in universities, as they strive to integrate international perspectives into their higher education delivery. This improves the quality of education for both staff and students.

Australian universities are at the forefront of bringing internationalisation to a range of areas within their higher education institutions.

Diverse, globally-focused courses

Many Australian universities have developed or are developing courses and degrees that better reflect the international content of the subject and the diverse international backgrounds and experiences of many of its students.

Student exchange opportunities

Most Australian universities encourage domestic students to complete some of their studies (and work experience) overseas, and welcome Indian and international students who wish to study in Australia.

International partnerships

Many universities have formed international groups and bilateral arrangements to work together on research and deliver specific programs. Private providers are also partnering with public universities that target the international education market.

More international students

At most Australian universities, international students make up 10–30% of the student population. And some university campuses are predominately international students.

International alumni associations recruit for and promote a particular institution to attract more Indian and international students.

Administration activities

In Australia, a university’s international activities are usually led by a senior management position such as Deputy or Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International). An administrative director of an International Office usually manages strategic and procedural issues.

At some institutions, a unit is dedicated entirely to international students and international recruitment is independent from the main university administration.

Some universities even have administrative or marketing staff who work in other countries to assist their activities in that country.

Program delivery

Many universities have developed new ways to deliver their programs that increase access for international students, including:

  • flexible web-based delivery (including distance education)
  • off-shore campuses
  • off-shore twinning arrangements
  • off-shore partners that deliver all or part of their courses.

This all shows how serious Australian universities are about bringing internalisation into their systems and processes, as well as courses and degrees. This should be very encouraging if you are considering studying at an Australian university.

Want to know more about Australian universities?

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You can also read more about the benefits of studying at Australian universities.

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